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Assistant Professor

Isha received her undergraduate degree in Chemical and Physical Biology from Harvard University. There, she worked in the lab of Erin O’Shea on bacterial chromosome segregation. Subsequently, she joined the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology. During her PhD, she worked in the labs of Vamsi Mootha and Warren Zapol, where she discovered that hypoxia could serve as a therapy for mitochondrial disorders. This work led to a Phase 1 clinical trial. Isha began as a UCSF Sandler Faculty Fellow and then became an Assistant Professor at the Gladstone Institutes and UCSF in 2021. She has received the NIH Early Independence Grant, Searle Scholar Award, Klingenstein-Simons Award, Mallinckrodt Award, TRDRP New Investigator Award, AFAR Junior Faculty Award, Hillblom Start-Up Grant, Keck Medical Research Grant, and Arc Innovation Investigator Award. 





Administrative Associate

Emma recently graduated from Santa Clara University and holds a Bachelor's Degree in both Psychology and Public Health, with an emphasis on health & society. During her time in college, she gained valuable experience working in a psychology lab and serving as a student assistant for the public health department & school of law.  In addition to Emma's professional pursuits, she has a passion for film photography, live music, surfing, exercise, and travel. These interests allow her to maintain a well-rounded perspective and bring creativity and adaptability to her work. 



Lab Manager and Research Associate 

Skyler grew up in Davis, California and received his Bachelor’s Degree from UC Berkeley, where he majored in Molecular and Cell Biology. There, he worked in the lab of Gertrude Buehring where he studied Bovine Leukemia Virus as a potential etiological agent of breast cancer. He went on to work for a pathology practice in San Diego, where he performed immunohistochemistry. In his free time he enjoys learning about new cuisines, exploring nature, and listening to podcasts.



Research Associate

Tej grew up in Los Angeles and recently graduated from UC Berkeley where he majored in Molecular and Cellular Biology as well as Economics. While in college, he gained experience in cardiology in the lab of Dr. Matthew Budoff where he focused on analyzing CT scans for clinical studies. He went on to study brain tumor immunogenicity in Dr. Olivia Lu’s neuro-oncology lab at UCSF. During his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, skiing, and reading a good mystery.

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Postdoctoral Fellow | Sarnoff Scholar

Alan was born in Los Angeles and attended Harvard University, where he majored in biology. He completed medical school, internal medicine residency, and cardiology fellowship at UCSF. As a Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Fellow, he worked in the lab of Bill Kaelin at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, studying the mechanisms of remote ischemic preconditioning in a murine model of cardiac ischemia-reperfusion. Alan is also a cardiologist and assistant professor at UCSF, interested in better understanding oxygen metabolism and signaling in myocardial infarction and cardiovascular disease.



Postdoctoral Fellow | CIRM Fellow

Galih received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Gadjah Mada University. He then joined the labs of Joost Holthuis at Utrecht University and Anne-Claude Gavin at the EMBL-Heidelberg to study protein-lipid interactions for his master’s degree. During his PhD, he worked in the labs of Howard Riezman at University of Geneva and Maya Schuldiner at the Weizmann Institute of Science, studying the roles of sphingolipid in neurodegenerative disease and ischemia-reperfusion injury. Galih is currently interested in understanding nutrient dependencies of cells under hypoxia and ischemia.



Postdoctoral Fellow | CIRM Fellow

Ankur attended IIT Delhi for her undergraduate studies in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. She received her PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics, in the lab of Xin Zhang at Columbia University studying the role of Fgf signaling in tear gland development. During a post-doc at UCSD, she worked in the lab of Xin Sun where she studied pulmonary neuroendocrine cells. She is now interested in studying the signaling mechanisms underlying hypoxia as a therapeutic intervention for neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders.



Postdoctoral Fellow | CIRM Fellow

Yolanda received her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. There, she worked at the Biochemistry Department to study mitochondrial cardiomyopathy models in drosophila melanogaster. For her PhD, she joined Dr. José Antonio Enríquez's lab at the Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) to work on murine models for heart failure therapies targeting mitochondrial protease OMA1. Following her work on age-associated chronic liver disease, she became interested in the study of aging etiology. At the Jain Lab, Yolanda is excited to be studying how molecular oxygen can modulate the aging process. 

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BMS Graduate Student | NDSEG Fellow

Brandon was born and raised in South Florida. He received a B.S. in Biochemistry and Neuroscience at the University of Miami. There, he worked on how neural stem cells can contribute to recovery after a brain injury. He then joined Dr. Ajit Divakaruni’s mitochondrial bioenergetics lab at UCLA and studied the bioenergetics of glioblastoma and macrophage inflammatory activation. Outside of the lab, Brandon enjoys discovering new films at independent cinemas, and working towards crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

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PSPG Graduate Student | NSF Fellow

Brandon was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. He received a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Southern California. At USC, he worked in the lab of Dr. Nicolas Graham where he helped to develop a protocol for enriching and detecting protein methylation via liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy and analyzed multiple public data sets to determine metabolic pathway dependencies in cancer cell lines. Outside of lab, Brandon enjoys hiking, playing video games, and exploring ramen shops.



Tetrad MD PhD Student 

Ayush grew up in San Jose, California, and attended Harvard University, where he majored in developmental biology. As an undergraduate student, he worked in the labs of Dr. Susan Bonner-Weir and Dr. Cristina Aguayo-Mazzucato at Joslin Diabetes Center. There, he studied mechanisms of aging in pancreatic beta-cells and the secretory changes associated with cellular senescence. At UCSF, Ayush is excited about advocating for universal healthcare and studying metabolism in physiology and disease. In his free time, he loves watching and playing basketball, experimenting with new recipes on his cast-iron skillet, and seeing new movies.



Bioengineering Graduate Student | NIH F31 Fellow

Will was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. He attended UW-Madison, earning his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and Biochemistry. There, he worked in the lab of Dr. Pam Kreeger studying the microenvironmental factors that drive metastasis in ovarian cancer. At UCSF, Will is excited to investigate cardiac hypoxia/ischemia using iPSC-derived cardiac cell types. Outside of lab, Will loves to run and is learning how to make the perfect charcuterie board.



CIRM Intern

Onurkan began their journey in Detroit, graduating from the IBEW union electrical apprenticeship program in 2018. Currently studying at Berkeley City College, Onurkan is a proud recipient of the CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research Award and is on track to earn their A.S. in Biotechnology by Spring 2024. With a passion to contribute new knowledge to the field of regenerative medicine, Onurkan is not only dedicated in academic settings but also committed to uplifting others in their scientific pursuits. Outside the lab, they have a zest for life – exploring new cuisines, traveling, riding their motorcycle, rock climbing, and hiking.

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